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Who we are:

TotoFilm is an Orange County-based production company dedicated to producing both independent and studio films. With an eye for character driven independent stories, Toto Film remains filmmaker focused, ensuring unique films for mainstream audiences.

We are a one stop shop for media creation. Our team takes an idea for a commercial, branded video or film and turns it into evocative reality. Our company offers a full array of digital film video production services including concept design, script writing, storyboarding, filming, location services, editing, color correction, motion graphics (CGI) and final delivery. 

We provide high value, prompt, reliable service and stunning creative production that your audience won’t forget.

“Our goal is to produce the ultimate innovative content, pairing cutting edge technology with visionary minds.” We specialize in commercials & branded content, film production, music video production, fashion films, web videos and various other forms of media content. 

We create dynamic projects from beginning to end and are here to help you every step of the way.

Established in 2004 by filmmaker Tony Farzan, Toto Film has seen success through its dedication to the client and ability to create personal connections through creativity and professionalism.

Why Choose Us:

Our company has had the privilege of working with some of the best minds in the industry and our extensive experience allows us to give clients the freedom of unlimited creativity.

Our work certainly speaks for itself; we will do whatever it takes to make each production a success.

Our strict work ethic and adherence to set structure is derived from a love for narrative film. For this reason, our commercial work has many of the same characteristics and stunning aesthetic qualities as film. Our works have been on primetime TV. and garnered over a dozen major festival awards worldwide. This is why TotoFilm’s creative decisions are trusted by major institutions and corporations from around the globe.

Our Approach:

Our creative approach for every project is to begin with the story and what needs to be told visually. Once the treatment (script) is finalized, we use it as a blueprint to begin the intricate pre-production process. 

In pre-production, We first shift our focus to important elements of production such as set design, lighting, makeup and visual style. Secondly we discuss casting, choreography, props and vehicles, locations, shooting schedule, etc.

For us, each project is unique, defined by its creative approach toward innovation. Our OC production company constantly pushes the envelope, raises the bar, and strives to give each production a rare dynamic quality. Our experienced and dedicated team allows us to achieve our maximum potential. We at TotoFilm are proud of our work and it shows in the diligence and passion each and every member of the team exudes in their daily work.

We are filmmakers and love what we do.

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